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"Rodents have increased a lot in our residence and we wanted a permanent solution for this issue.Some time back,we were called by Mamre,H.A.L they came to our place on time and did the work perfectly by using some kind of effective chemical pesticides.Rates were within our budget."
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" Mamre gave the first two services for our residential pest control. It was a general pest control. They charged 3900Rs for the AMC service."
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" Two people from Mamre came to give us a general pest control for our residence. They seem to have given an effective pest control at the cost of 2000Rs for our 3bhk apartment. We admire their dedication towards their customers "
Majahar Jan
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" I have done the pest control service for the cockroaches in our home through the Mamre.They have used some spray and the gel kind of medicines but it was not so effective.The charge was around Rs.2K.I am planning to call them again."
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" Mamre can be relied any moment for efficient pest control services. Its for the 3bhk house we engaged them. they have done a neat and clean pest control without bothering the hosts. Charges were exorbitant but apt for their professionalized services"
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"Mamre cost were very affordable and gave a 6 months warranty period for their treatment of ants. But the ants were back so we have called them again and now the ants are at bay. now my baby is happily crawling all over the house."
Abha Gupta
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" Ours is a brand new flat and before one month only we have occupied in it. So,we planned to prevent the pest and we have done the general servicing from the Mamre.Good work by them and the cost was very reasonable."
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