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Wood Borers

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Wood Borers Control Bangalore, Karnataka

Wood borers are insects that can cause damage to the costly furnitures in our home or office made off wood. Wood borers presence is hard to find at first as they live inside the woods and with time they eat the woods causing damage and results in holes everywhere on the furniture.

Adult wood borers lay eggs in the cracks of wood and over time when unnoticed the infestation become severe leading to the damage of the structure and weakening of timber, making the furniture completely useless after sometime.

Why Mamre wood borer control?

Wood borer damage costly furnitures which after sometime will need replacement or leads to disposal.
Mamre professionals inspect your furniture thoroughly and will locate the infestations and find cracks where eggs are laid.
After complete inspection we will provide the best solution to get rid of these wood borers and will help you to safeguard your furnitures and will also assist you with measures for prevention of future infestations.
Mamre also provides annual management plans with periodical checkups.




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