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Rodent Management

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Rodent Management

Rodent are dangerous to human health as they contaminate the food items stored at home and also cause damage to electrical wires, important documents, files etc at home, office or factories. Rodents usually stay away from human sight so people tend not to notice their presence at first. Rodents have powerful jaws and teeth which is capable of causing severe damage to anything. Rodents also multiply faster than other pests and these rats hide themselves in dark places like borrows, underground and usually comes out during night time looking for leftover food items to feed themselves.


No one likes the presence of rodent at their place as these rats act really nuisance. The presence of rodents at home are much more harmful if there are any infants, diseased people or pets at home. Trying to kill the rats by yourself using chemicals is not recommendable as these chemicals are injurious not only to rats but also to human health and pets.

Rodent control needs professional help as inspection must be done prior to the selection of process to get rid of them. Mamre provides free inspection and our professionals will come out with all the possible outcomes to get rid of these rats based upon the type of infestation and nature of environment.

Usually these two method are followed to get rid of any pests

  1. Chemical treatment - government approved and eco-friendly chemicals will be used to get rid of these rodents.
  2. Herbal treatment - natural pesticide will be used to get rid of rodents.

Based upon your budget and convenience you can select the best method to get rid of these harmful rats.



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