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Power Beetle Management

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Power Beetle Management

Power beetle also called as powderpost beetle are wood damaging insects which feed from wood. Power beetle crawl on wooden furnitures and cause damage, which results in small pores or holes everywhere on the wood which make their presence obvious.

These holes are usually in size of a pencil tip. From the margins of the exit holes it is possible to identify whether it is an active infestation or inactive infestation. The consistency of the frass helps to determine the type of power beetle infestation.


If it is a small area or object that is infested, the particular part can be removed and the furniture can be prevented from future infestation. If the infestation is severe the need for professional pest control is mandatory.Inspection must be done prior to deciding the control measure for power beetle management.

Mamre offers free inspection for power beetle control. Our professionals are trained to handle even severe infestation and are capable of saving your furniture from these dangerous power beetles.



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