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Herbal Pest Control Bangalore, Karnataka

Even though some chemicals are considered as eco friendly, non toxic etc. no one can provide 100% guarantee as they are completely harmless to use. These non toxic chemicals has an expiry date where they become poisonous at certain stage. And people who suffer from certain diseases are not advised to the exposure of chemicals.

It doesn’t mean that we need to adjust and live with the presence of these annoying pests at our place. There is another way to get rid of pests, that is completely chemical free and nature friendly i.e Herbal pest control.

Under herbal pest control using materials and oil derived from herbs, we provide natural pest insecticide to treat pests in a eco friendly manner causing no harm to your surroundings. 100% natural solutions and no chemicals are used. Most recommended measure to get rid of pests for people who have infants, diseased people or pets at home. You can opt herbal pest control if you own an organic vegetable garden, flower garden etc. at home as it is completely harmless and also in no way affects the hygiene.

Lemon grass for mosquitoes, cedar wood oil for safeguarding wood from termites, canola oil for ants etc. are some herbal methods used to control pests under herbal pest control. Mamre provide free inspection and develop plans to get rid of the pests and provides full satisfaction of service to all our clients.




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