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Fly and Mosquito Management

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Fly and Mosquito Management

Flies, generally called as house flies because of their common presence almost everywhere, are small insects that causes harmful diseases by contaminating the food items, water etc. Flies usually breed on garbage, dung of animals, birds, dustbins and carry bacteria, fungus and other disease causing agents which causes infection among humans.
Mamre provides fly control and management services at Bangalore, Karnataka. The various steps listed below are some of the measure used for controlling flies

  1. Preventive measures on sanitation and hygiene practices shall be recommended to prevent attraction / breeding of flies within the premises.
  2. Installation of insect light traps at heavily infested locations, near entry points to the premise etc shall be recommended to trap flies entering the premises.
  3. Pesticide emulsions shall be sprayed at breeding and harborage sites like drains, garbage, waste-bins, water stagnating areas and entry points into the premise.


Fly and Mosquito Management

Mosquito are dangerous small insects that can nearly cause death through spreading harmful diseases like malaria, yellow fever, filariasis, dengue, chikungunya etc. to humans through their bites. Mosquitos usually suck human blood and feed themselves.
Getting rid of mosquitos through spray, matts and liquid will not always help that too when infestation is severe in the surrounding.
Mamre provides professional mosquito control services in Bangalore, Karnataka. Our professional will inspect the place and will provide you with the details like whether the problem needs attention for only indoor mosquito control solution or outdoor mosquito control solution or both and the methods through which it can be controlled etc. Based upon your budget and convenience the services will be offered by us.




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