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Hotels / Restaurants

Businesses in Food Industry has to make sure hygiene is their number 1 priority, pest at your Hotel / Restaurant can cause you serious damage to you and your customers. At Mamre, we understand the importance of Hygiene at Food Industry and have been helping several of our clients to achieve the best quality.


A clean workspace is very important for your employees health, pest at you office can cause your serious damage to your furniture, equipments and cause serious health problems.


Hospital is expected to be highly clean and hygiene and pests can do serious damage to your reputation. We understand your responsibility to keep your premises clean and we have been helping our clients to pass that to us and do what they do best - taking care of patients.


Busy atmosphere can put in your back seat when to comes to pest management, we have solution for all your pest needs.

About Us

Mamre Pest Services based in Bengaluru, Karnataka offers Residential and Commercial Pest Control services all over India.


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